Hey guys! Thanks for joining me again. Today I want to talk about something most of us probably don’t know is good or should I say we don’t pay attention to. THE VAGINA!!! Yes the vagina, and this article is not just exclusive to the ladies alone, but the guys as well can help their babes/ wife/female friends/sisters/mom, by being informed, and also share with other guys.
It’s high time we know that the female and male reproductive organs are like beings attached to the body, because through them we birth another life. So that brings us to talking about foods that are good to keep a healthy vagina and how to take care of the vagina.
PROBIOTICS RICH FOODS: Probiotics are natural sources of good bacteria that help in the maintenance of the pH in the vag which in turn combats against yeast infections and other infections.
Probiotic rich foods are like Natural yoghurts, pap/ogi/akamu, dorkunu, lafun(cassava flour), Ugba (eaten with African salad by the eastern people of Nigeria), locust bean (eaten in moderation, to avoid offensive smell down there), kokoro, fura da nunu.
CALCIUM RICH FOODS: Foods rich in calcium aside giving stronger bones like we all know are also good to ease Painful menstrual cramps. Food rich in calcium includes dairy products like yoghurt, milk, fish, beans, spinach, fig etc.
PLANT FATS: Enjoy top notch sex with fats from plants which are good sources of omega 3-fatty acids which helps in blood flow in the vagina region and this stimulates the sex drive (hoolala!!). It also tackles dryness and itchy vagina, and keeps the vagina moist and ready at all time.
Food rich in plant fats include almond nuts, walnut, avocado, and soy. Oily fish too are also rich in omega 3-fatty acids, which are good for easing painful menstrual cramps; examples are sardine fish (Titus). So you know what to consume more for that menstrual cramps and ovulation cramps.
WATER! WATER! WATER! : Water is still the superior of them all, because we need to avoid foul smell, keep them vag clean and lubricated. Water comes to that rescue for you mam. It helps in circulation of those nutrients that has been eaten from the afore mentioned foods to the vagina, helps to keep the vagina mucous membrane active to produce fluid that will lubricate the vagina and of course the vagina needs to be cleaned and water is the universally accepted solution to do that.
To be continued…
Always remember that the future is female, cheers to a healthy woman!!!
source : swatzfood

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