It’s good to know that indulging your vagina with a healthy food doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or change your diet, it just means you are consciously eating well from the available food groups and taking extra caution to avoid smell, infections, treat menstrual pain, and facilitate fertility. Let’s continue from the previous tips on how to treat your vagina to a healthy meal.

SWEET POTATOES: Sweet potatoes are really great and tasty foods and they are very good for the vaginal and walls of the uterine, giving it strength and optimum protection, which helps in holding firm the fetus and helps in its development. Potatoes are also rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are very good in both male and female fertility. Potatoes also have properties that are great in production of sex hormones in women. The dietician prescribes potatoes for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that makes women produce more of men hormones and this syndrome can cause; pelvic pain, difficulty in getting pregnant, irregular or no menstrual periods, acne, excess body and facial hair, heavy flow, patches on the skin.
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Having sex really is important, but orgasm is importanter and arousal is importantest. There’s a property found in apple that is good for sexual function in women (arousal, lubrication and orgasm). An apple a day sends the doctor far away and draws you closer to your partner. Avocados have libido boosting properties (Vit B6 and potassium) and lubricates the vag. Leafy vegetables help in the circulation of blood, increase stimulation, and prevents/treat itchy and dry vagina.
CLEANLINESS: cleanliness of the vagina is the overall important health you can give to your vagina, and when I mean cleanliness I don’t mean using soaps, antiseptics, salt solution, vagina wash or anything anyone tells you will help the vagina. These things do more harm than good, like killing the natural flora of the vagina and leaving the veevee susceptible to infections and sores. Clean the vagina in the morning and night with an adequate amount of water, wash thoroughly but gently. Pour water from the region where the hair grows and let it slip down into the clits and vaginal opening and use your hand to rub around it well to wash off heat, discharge and smell. Avoid washing through to your anus so as to avoid bringing remains and smell from the back to the front. Wash the back thoroughly too with water and do it gently. When you pee during the day and you don’t have access to water, please it’s important to have wipes preferably in every of your handbag, they are better than tissues because of the texture, the nice fragrance that emulsifies left over smell and they are firm unlike tissues that might break and find their way into the opening.
Shaving is also good to keep the vagina clean as the pubic hair can trap dirt’s and cause smell but for my sisters who aren’t comfortable with shaving, please get a bucket of water to wash off both day and night (chuckles).
Also, wearing of soft and comfortable pants that don’t tighten the vagina so much. Please my sisters, that area needs breeze often. It’s also healthy if you can allow the vagina to breathe Gods given air at night, don’t cage it, but if you aren’t comfortable with it then, wear something free. It’s of the essence that you change your pants at night.
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Now I am sure you know just how to treat your sensitive part right and also that you don’t need the whole money in the world to do that. So my dear sisters, eat right, eat healthy, take enough water, ensure top notch cleanliness and wear comfortable bottom wears (@laydee_lara). Till I bring to you exciting articles on foods and nutrition, keep doing you on a hundred and remember the future is female.
Cheers to a healthy and hearty you!!!
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